The Youth Supported Housing Operations and Resource Education program is designed to offer aid and assistance in the search to find suitable long- term housing for youth ages 16-24 and support their growth and development as they transition from homelessness to independence. Homeless youth refers to youth who are staying at the shelter, couch surfing with friends, sleeping rough, or do not have a permanent place to stay.

The program offers assistance by providing youth with all the tools they will need to be successful and to transition onto independence. Our education program will work one-on- one with each youth, teaching them the basics of becoming a tenant such as: household budgeting, tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities, how to avoid unnecessary evictions, basic maintenance skills, coping with stress, and setting goals. Y-SHORE is a federally funded program through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Advisory Board. Y-SHORE is part of the Centralized Housing Intake Process (CHIP) group and youth can be referred to them or directly to us.