Kim is the founder and C.E.O of Street Culture.  After 15 years in the business sector, Kim was inspired to create the project for two reasons: he imagined a program that could engage the untapped labour resource of at-risk youth toward effective community and economic development, and he was motivated to ‘try something different’ after coordinating an extremely successful inner city summer arts program. It was there that Kim identified a clear need for long-term personal support and life skills development programs. Don’t let the title C.E.O throw you off; Kim spends most of his day at the front-line, engaging and supporting the youth and staff of Street Culture.


Dustin is the Executive Director of Street Culture, overseeing the agency, its numerous programs and over 100 staff. Dustin has greatly influenced SCP’s massive expansion and has developed and implemented numerous successful programs including supportive housing initiatives such as Regina’s first Peer Homes as well as Saskatchewan’s first youth shelter (Downtown Browne’s). Dustin has received the City of Regina Crime Prevention Award, sits on numerous community and national committees, was appointed to the Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Advisory Board, is a recipient of CBC’s Future40 award and is a 2015 Governor General Leadership Alumni. Dustin’s warm, welcoming and humour-filled personality gives him the ability to create long lasting relationships with everyone he meets. It’s no surprise the success he’s had within the agency and will continue having.


Brenda is Street Culture’s longest serving member other than the founder.  Her dedication and longevity to the agency is second to none.  Serving as social venture extraordinaire, Brenda has been able to coordinate teams of face painters, caterers, and odd job teams throughout the community for 20 years.  As current Director of Administration she oversees the nuts and bolts of the agency.  In addition, Brenda is a great mom who raised her daughter who is now employed in a part of the agency and is currently mom to two young children of a former participant.  Her dedication never takes time off!


Mike started at Street Culture Project in 2007 after a chance meeting with CEO Kim Sutherland at a Face Art event in Saskatoon. Mike took a 4-year hiatus to work with another not –for –profit agency but missed us so much he returned to us in late 2011and has not strayed since. Mike is an employee that can be counted on by all that know him; he does everything in his power to help his fellow employees. Additionally Mike is a dedicated family man who is often found riding his motorcycle through the Qu’Appelle Valley or along another country road with his fellow bikers. If that’s not enough, Mike is also an incredible filmmaker with many of his creations available for viewing on YouTube.


Chalsey was born and raised in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. She is an extremely talented vocalist, pianist and keyboardist. Her music career led her to tour across North America for 4 years. Street Culture Project was lucky enough to secure Chalsey as an Executive Assistant in March of 2015. Her extraordinary skill set, interpersonal skills, attention to detail and outgoing personality quickly evolved her position into the Director of Human Resources. Chalsey oversees all facets of our team and has revolutionized our processes in everything she becomes involved in. She enjoys camping, traveling, music and spending time with her loved ones. 


Alyssa was born and raised in Regina. Her passion and education are around supporting at-risk youth. She obtained a degree in Human Justice at the University of Regina and has been working with youth ever since. Alyssa has been a dedicated employee at Street Culture since 2014 and is consistently working alongside the youth involved in Regina Connected Youth program. Alyssa’s calm and kind approach helps the youth she works with feel safe and supported. When Alyssa is not at work supporting youth at all hours of the day or night, she is passionate about rescuing and finding safe homes for puppies through her involvement with a local dog rescue, CCRezQ’s. And if that is not enough, she travels the globe whenever she can, loves to play sports, goes cycling and wine and dines with her friends! How cool is this lady?


Brandi studied Criminology for two years and four years of Justice Studies between the University of Regina and St. Thomas University in New Brunswick. She started with Street Culture in 2014 and became the coordinator of the Youth Transition Unit (YTU) in 2015. In 2016 Brandi also took on a Housing First program titled Youth Supported Housing Operations and Resource Education (Y-SHORE). In her downtime, Brandi enjoys spending time with her husband, cats and crocheting. 


Jamie obtained her Youth Care Worker diploma from SIAST in 2009. Jamie joined the Street Culture team in 2012 as a caseworker at Downtown Browne’s youth shelter. During her time there Jamie embraced the culture and philosophies of SCP while practicing a strength based and youth centered focus. In 2014, through her dedication, hard work and positive energy, Jamie created and evolved the Practicum/Volunteer program to the one Street Culture has today. Jamie works with the students and volunteers to determine their skill set and learning objectives, linking them to appropriate program within the agency to allow for the best learning opportunities. In her downtime, Jamie enjoys experiencing nature and listening to live music.


Nofa was born in Iraq and spent her childhood in a refugee camp in Syria prior to moving to Canada at the age of 12. Her passion and background revolves around helping people, more particularly supporting vulnerable children and youth; from children’s emergency shelters to inner city programs to working with youth at Street culture. She is a one of a kind, hardworking and dedicated individual. She has an abundance of passion for the youth she serves, and it’s no surprise to anyone that she is a strong leader here at Street Culture. In her spare time, Nofa enjoys being out in the sun, dancing, and traveling. Nofa continues to leave a positive mark on everyone she comes in contact with.   


Nathan came to Street Culture Project in 2012, as a practicum student completing his Youth Care Worker Diploma. After completing his practicum, he was offered a position and we couldn’t be happier that he accepted. Nathan is easily one of the most reliable, hardworking and well-respected individuals Street Culture employs. His peers and the youth he works alongside at Downtown Browne’s Emergency Youth Shelter gravitate to Nathan for his humour, advice and general positive nature. Taking full advantage of the animal friendly policy Street Culture encourages, Nathan brings his spunky dog named Frankie to work with him everyday and helps to bring a smile to anyone who meets him. 


Sarah grew up in Regina, graduating with a degree in Social Work in 2011. She joined the Street Culture team in 2014. Allowing her supportive, adaptable and ambitious attitude to shine, it was not long before she was offered the position of Mentorship Coordinator. As a Coordinator, she places high emphasis on providing a safe and nurturing environment for youth to grow through positive role modeling, matching youth to like-minded mentors. In her downtime, Sarah enjoys going to the gym and playing rec sports.


Lannah was born in Saskatoon and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Graduating from High School in 2011, she moved to Regina in 2012 to pursue a degree in Social Work. She worked at Street Culture Project and a children’s emergency transition shelter while attending school; completing her degree in 2016.  Lannah pursued a Social Work career after overcoming several challenges as a youth, she utilises life experience, strengths-based and anti-oppressive practice to empower youth to make positive changes in their lives. In her downtime, she enjoys spending time outdoors, writing and painting


Braden was born in Saskatoon, but lived in various places in Saskatchewan until graduating high school in Kamsack. He is married and the father of two beautiful kids (with one on the way) and does a fantastic job as both husband and father. He attended the University of Regina and obtained a degree in Human Justice. He has since been working with youth at Street Culture Project, spent a few years working in youth probation, and also as a counsellor at the adult correctional center. Braden is a natural at helping others; his calm demeanor and approach help the individuals he serves to feel safe and supported. He is kind, hard working, and we are proud to have him on our Street Culture team. Braden enjoys music; he is a great vocalist, and will gladly pick up the guitar and jam with his friends on
a Saturday night.